Wine Sorbet or Ice Cream

The weather is hot again, and what is more refreshing than having some wine or some ice cream? Why should you have to choose?

Did you know there is ice cream and frozen sorbet that is made with wine? We call it Delectable! Why?

Let’s define it!





  1. (of food or drink) delicious.
  2. “delectable handmade chocolates”

Synonyms: delicious, mouthwatering, appetizing, flavorful, toothsome, palatable, succulent, luscious, tasty, informal, scrumptious, delish, yummy, finger-licking, lip-smacking, melt-in-your-mouth.


At Deer Creek Winery, we make our own frozen wine treat: Delectable, Wine Sorbets! They are everything the word above means.

It’s always great having locally PA made products, and when they can contain some other locally made ingredients, it makes it twice as great!

Sorbet is a frozen treat that is dairy free. Instead of using milk and cream, like ice cream, it uses mostly juices. And what is wine but fermented juice. It’s a natural fit.

There are a few different flavors available: Lemon Riesling, Sassy Sangria, Peachy Shippenville Red, Blackberry Buckle, Deer Creek Raspberry, and a few other seasonal ones. They’re an amazing palate cleanser in between dinner courses or a great dessert.

It’s delicious served with a vanilla Pizzelle on the side and maybe even some whipped cream on top. You can even have some sprinkles if you really want to make it extra special!

Remember, it does contain wine so you should only have 1 serving. It’s great to just pop open the pint, grab 2 spoons, and sit outside with your honey and share it.

There’s just something special about eating that delectable sorbet right out of the container, and no one is going to holler at you!  Take your shoes off and rub your feet in the grass at the same time, or swing until your heart’s content. Relax and have a FUN adult moment, yet feel like a kid again!


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