Vinotype Wine Personality Quiz

There are many reasons why it’s important to know why you like the wine you do and to know what wines to ask for. If you’re new to wine, you may be unsure which wine to drink – there are so many choices!

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Let’s look as some real-life situations that can sometimes be a little stressful where you want glass of wine to enjoy, not endure!

  1. Visiting a new winery: You look at the list and most of the names are different than you’re used to. You’re being asked what you want to try and you have no idea which wine to drink, or where to even start!  Sometimes you only get a certain number of tastes and you don’t to waste any!
  2. Out to dinner at a fine restaurant: You’re among a group (friends, family, or colleagues), and you’re asked to order the wine or someone else orders the “perfect wine to pair” with the type of food people are ordering to share.
  3. No idea how to pronounce the wine: It’s time to order your wine, and you’re looking at the list trying to decide. You can’t even pronounce it let alone know what it might taste like!
  4. Have a different wine preference than your significant other: You and your partner have different tastes in wine, and it causes stress when trying to share a bottle.
  5. Buying a gift: You’re buying a gift for someone, and you really don’t know what kind of wine they like.

Odds are, we’ve all been in at least one of the previous situations. It can be daunting, especially when we think we should have the right answers. But are there even right answers that fit everyone. Well… “No, everyone does not like the same wines nor think official food and wine pairings are even tasty!”

So, how do you know which wine to drink or what wine pairings you find tasty? Introducing vinotyping, a new way to discover your wine personality.

What is Vinotyping?

Vinotyping (pronounced vee-noh-tahyp-ing) is a new sensory way to understand why you like the wines you do (and to be okay with that).  It not only includes your taste buds, but also how you tolerate other things in your life that have nothing to do with wine!  Vinotyping has been in the works since 1999 when Tim Hanni, a Master of Wine, realized that not everyone thought of wine and enjoyed wine like he thought they should.

He has since developed a questionnaire to help you understand which wine to drink, what you like, and how to articulate it to others.  You can even laugh over wine personality traits that come up in your vinotype like “you’re particular about your bedding softness”, or “people like to have you on their team”, or “you like things bolder, faster, better!”

How to Find Your Vinotype Wine Personality

Do you want to know which wine to drink regardless of what food you are eating or what others are ordering?  Click here to take the test.