Wine Myths Debunked With Vinotyping

Yes Virginia, there is no Santa Claus…have you been told myths all your life?

We’ve all been told many false things over and over again that we start to believe it’s true!

The above is probably also true about wine, what wine you should like, and wine pairings.  Could wine and food pairing truly be a myth you’ve been told all your life?

Wine Myths Debunked

It’s fun to go to wineries with your friends and try out new wines.  You get to not only taste different ones, but also learn a bit about that wine. And of course wine and food pairings!  

But have you ever noticed that when you go home and try that suggestion for yourself it, in plain words, sucks! Why is it that you just can’t get that enhanced flavor by combining your bold red wine with steak?   

It might be because there really isn’t a good food pairing. If you didn’t like the wine by itself, odds are, you’re not going to like it with a steak.

Vinotyping and Wine Preference

The ability to enjoy a glass of wine has everything to do with your Vinotype personalitynot what you food you pair it with.  If you don’t like a bold, red wine by itself, you probably won’t like it with steak. It might have a bit of a different taste, but not a large enough difference that you actually like it.

The wine culture has propagated many ideas and lies about wine and how you are supposed to enjoy it. As well as what food you should pair with different wines like the French traditions.  

Knowing your Vinotype personalty debunks these myths and lets you enjoy the wines they love without the condemnation from wine geeks. Vinotyping pairs the wine to the diner (you!) not the dinner!

Find out your vinotype today to start enjoying wine with all of your meals.