Vinotypes: How to Find the Wine You Like

Vinotypes: How to Find the Wine You Like 

You’re a wine enthusiast. Or maybe you’re just discovering a love for wine. Either way, do you know how to find the kinds of wine you that you not only like, but love?

Your Vinotype Can Help You Find the Wine You Like

You might be skeptical because you’ve received wine advice before, but there’s a new wine conversation in town.  It’s called vinotyping, and it’s all about you! And whether you realize it or not, your wine tastes carry over to other parts of your life, including these characteristics:

  • Do you like black coffee or a sweet latte?
  • Do you like soft towels and sheets?
  • Do you have a hard time making decisions?
  • Are you a mediator and a good team player?
  • Do you like bigger, bolder, and louder?
  • Or do you turn the TV down?
  • Do you have a small temperature comfort zone area?

You’re probably scratching your head wondering what these questions have to do with what kind of wines you like, but it does!  Tim Hanni has spent years as a Master of Wine talking with people and teaming up with other researchers on this phenomenon. And now you have all the power because he developed a set of questions that will help you find the wine you like!

Your vinotype describes more than the kind of wine you like. It also describes personality characteristics.

4 Types of Vinotypes

  1. Sweet: you have more taste buds than other people and light may bother your eyes
  2. Hyper-sensitive: you live in a heightened sensory world that is sometimes very hard, you’re often very artistic too
  3. Sensitive: You kind of just go with the flow and love to try new things!
  4. Tolerant: You’re a linear thinker and even make hand gestures in a line as you’re explaining processes.

Which vinotype do you think you are? Take our “Find Your Vinotype” two-minute quiz to find out if you were right!