Top 5 Perks of a PA Winery Bed and Breakfast Getaway


Are you seeking a memorable winery experience? You may also want to book a nice place to stay.

If you’ve found a PA winery bed and breakfast getaway, you’ve just uncovered the best of both worlds!

There’s so much to love anywhere you go:

  • Sample the vintner’s choice selections
  • Relax in posh accommodations
  • Tour historic grounds
  • Have a romantic reawakening

The List: 5 PA Winery Bed and Breakfast Perks

1. A Personalized Touch

When you stay at a PA winery bed and breakfast, you’re far removed from a run-of-the-mill stay at a hotel chain. While some chain hotels may be stellar, B&Bs typically serve a smaller, more personalized clientele with unparalleled luxurious comfort.

Expect attention to be focused on you. Many of the best bed and breakfasts manage just a handful of uniquely designed rooms — compared to dozens or even hundreds of guests begging for attention at most mainstream locations.

2. Good, Old-Fashioned Home Cooking

Wake up to a sizzling, fresh-cooked breakfast. After all, you’re at a bed and breakfast.

B&Bs have quite literally made their name on made-to-order diningabove and beyond typical hotel room service and restaurants.

3. A Historical Perspective

The bed and breakfast culture began centuries ago with property owners opening their homes and feeding weary travelers.

You may be staying in what once was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Perhaps it’s the mansion of one of America’s Founding Fathers. Maybe it once was an Amish farm, or a house-hospital near a Civil War battlefield.

History abounds at many B&Bs, with no shortage of repurposed old structures offering their own special heritage and story. Sure to delight any history buff, inns and old bed and breakfasts often include tours of the property as part of the package.

But a trip back to yesteryear doesn’t mean you’ll lose track of the present. Most locations offer 21st century comforts like cable and WiFi.

4. Away From It All

You did want to get away, didn’t you? If you’ve chosen a PA winery bed and breakfast, there’s a good chance you’re tucked away in the countryside — far from the city’s hustle and bustle.

But if you’re someone who likes to venture out, rest assured knowing that while you may be relaxing off the beaten path you’re probably just a short drive from an array of exciting tourist destinations and events.

5. A Romantic Escape

You and your sweetheart need some alone time. It’s time to reconnect.

  • Privacy   ✔
  • Wine   ✔
  • Your honey   ✔

Looks like a simple checklist to rekindle that passion with a stay at a PA winery bed and breakfast.