Top 5 Benefits of Staying at a PA Winery Bed and Breakfast

You’re considering a relaxing overnight stay at a PA winery bed and breakfast. You’re no doubt wondering, “What’s in it for me?”

There’s plenty to do in Pennsylvania that’ll calm your mind, body, and soul. There’s also a wealth of activities to get the adrenaline pumping or to stimulate the mind.

And afterward, whatever your taste, you’ll find the ideal place to recharge in luxurious comfort.

5 Benefits of a PA Winery Bed and Breakfast

1. Wine Selection

You have a reason for leaning toward a winery. That’s not lost on us. So sample the vintner’s excellent selection to your heart’s content.

You can discover more about yourself. Perhaps you’ll even learn your vinotype. Believe it or not, personal traits have everything to do with the types of wine you prefer. For example:

  • Do you cut the tags off your clothes? You may be a “hypersensitive” vinotype who enjoys a dry riesling.
  • Are you a loud talker and a linear thinker? You may be a “tolerant” vinotype who enjoys a cabernet sauvignon.
  • Can you hear “silent” alarms? You may be a “sweet” vinotype who enjoys sangria.
  • Are you a great mediator? You may be “sensitive” vinotype who enjoys a pinot grigio.

2. A Place to Lay Your Head

Just relax!

Who needs to worry about driving home? Don’t hesitate to make a reservation at a beautiful PA winery bed and breakfast.

The best winery/inn locations can tailor the experience to you, your sweetheart, and/or your party. Most mainstream hotel chains are stretched too thin to truly make sure your visit is the best it can be.

At a great winery inn location, you can:

  • Choose between seasonally and culturally inspired guest rooms
  • Order home-cooked meals to your taste (of course, paired with the best wines)
  • Tour the grounds to discover the origin of your favorite wines
  • Participate in wellness workshops
  • And much more

Drive home safely having sampled your favorites, learned the history, and rested in luxury all in one great spot.

3. Back To Nature

Work pressures pile up. The pace sometimes can be so much. You want to disconnect from it all.

Sometimes sitting outside by a warm fire with a glass of wine is enough to put life back in perspective.

At a winery getaway nearly anywhere in the beautiful Keystone State, you’ll likely be a short drive from:

Northwest PA is a particular hotspot for Pittsburgh residents aiming to escape the urban tempo. (But don’t worry, the best winery inns will keep you connected to the world with WiFi and other technologies.)

4. A Romantic Escape

Maybe you want alone time with your honey. Maybe you want to venture forth on a full slate of activities based on things you both enjoy.

Either way, reconnect over a glass (or how about a bottle?) of wine and a made-to-order meal, and then return to the privacy of your room for some more quality time. A romantic stay at a PA winery bed and breakfast is the perfect way to rekindle the spark.

5. The Healthy Choice

OK, so you’ve read and heard the health benefits of drinking wine for years. Wine — particularly red wine — naturally slows signs of aging and reduces the risk of serious health issues:

  • Depression
  • Cancer
  • Dementia
  • Stroke

But, of course, sample responsibly. Everything is best in moderation.


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