What is a Tolerant Vinotype Personality?

Dry Wines Are My Wine Preference

The Tolerant Vinotype wine personality has the smallest number of people in it. A higher percentage of this group is male compared to the other Vinotype personalities.

This wine personality LOVES to know a lot about wine and food pairings as well as the 100-point wine rating system. The more facts about the wine, the better!

The more intense and bold the flavor is also is better. In life you enjoy everything bolder, faster, bigger, and so on!

How Many Tastebuds Does a Tolerant Vinotype Have?

In reality, you have the least amount of tastebuds of all people. That is why you can handle big, bold flavors that make the more sensitive Vinotypes say “yuck!”

You enjoy picking out the finer, more delicate flavors in the wine. But overall, you like your wines intense. You particularly like the full-bodied, dry, red, heavy wines like aged Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Sweet Wines Are Cheap Wines. Why drink them?

That’s another wine myth. Sweet wines are just as delicately made as dry wines and have just as much value on the market. There are just way more people that enjoy sweet wines and the market pricing reflects that.

Why Can’t Everyone Like the Right Wines?

You ask this question a lot to people because of the wine stereotypes we have adopted in America claim that real wine drinkers only drink dry wines. This is simply not true. Everyone has a unique wine preference and it just may not be Tolerant as yours is.

Relax! Let others enjoy the right wines for them while you enjoy the wines you like.

Part of your Tolerant Vinotype personality is also being a linear thinker. You tend to look at the bottom line of problems, which is so obvious to you (and not always to others!). This is a great trait, but it’s sometimes hard for you to understand the sweeter wine drinkers that just don’t get the facets of great dry wine in your opinion!