The Health Benefits of Wine Sorbet

Two of life’s most decadent treats have now combined to create a new type of frozen dessert – wine sorbet!

Not only do foodies get the benefits of both wine and sorbet, but you get a beautifully melded taste that can only come from the blending of these two unique, exquisite flavors.

Wine has a number of health benefits when taken in moderation. Wine has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack, cancer and many other chronic conditions.

When put together, wine sorbet provides the most decadent dessert experience without all of the negative side effects. If you haven’t tried it, it’s time!

Surprising Health Benefits of Our Decadent Wine Sorbets:

So why does our Shippenville, PA, winery specialize in wine sorbet? Most importantly, the two delicious flavors play off of each other perfectly.

Sorbet is made of fruit, and wine is fermented fruit – a combination made in heaven! However, there are some additional benefits you can expect:

Vitamin C

Because it is made with real fruit, it has much more Vitamin C than ice cream! Vitamin C helps with the immune system and overall balance in the body. Without it, many other nutrients have a reduced effect.

Dairy Free Goodness

First, sorbet gives you the same creamy, decadent flavor that ice cream gives without the need for lactose and fattening cream.  

Sorbet also provides the great taste of a creamy dessert to those who cannot indulge in dairy products. The thick texture of sorbet comes from fruit, not from cows! Forget the upset stomach – sorbet gives you all of the upside with none of the downsides.


Another advantage of eating a fruit based dessert is that you get to enjoy the natural antioxidants that come from the fruits forming the base of the sorbet. As a matter of fact, you can choose your health benefit in this regard.

Raspberries give a slightly different type of protection from apples or blueberries — making our Deer Creek Raspberry sorbet flavor a health conscious choice!


Sorbet is great for losing weight without losing taste. There are about 200 calories in 100 g of ice cream, compared with approximately 135 calories in the same amount of sorbet. You can reduce this even further by choosing a fruit with a more natural sweetness.

Sorbet also has zero fat as opposed to ice cream, which can run up to 7 g of fat per 2.5 oz.


Although sorbet is not the healthiest food on the planet, it is definitely the better choice when compared with ice cream. If you are looking for a low fat, low calorie alternative to your normal frozen dessert, try the fruit based sorbet instead of the dairy based ice cream for a delectable treat that you can come back to anytime!

You can pick up a pint of any of our 5 delicious wine sorbet flavors at our main location, and an outlet location nearest to you!