What is a Sensitive Vinotype Personality?

Adventurous is Another Name for You

People of the Sensitive Wine preference Vinotype love life and want to experience everything it has to offer!

You like a variety of tastes, smells, intensities, and experiences. There is so much out there for you. That’s why you’re adventuresome, there are so many things that interest you and you want to do them all.

This Vinotype accounts for about one-fourth of us.

In wines, you like a wide variety, but not too oaky unless they are incredibly balanced with the tannins.  You love floral smells and often get lost in the memories they invoke. You tend to mostly like off-dry wines the most. You will try anything, though.

You’re a Great Mediator and Manager

You tend to see things from all side and can relate to others well which makes you the great mediator, whether it’s family or friends. You want everyone to be happy, but you still lead and manage. You’re not a pushover! You tend to see the big picture when looking at a problem and can break it down into smaller details.

But You Do Have a Hard Time Making Decisions

Life is short in your mind with so much to do and try.  Because of this, you have a hard time making a decision because you want it all! Sometimes it depends on the day what decision you’ll make. Today you might want a latte, and tomorrow want black coffee.  Others can make decisions for you, and that’s okay because you like most everything.

You’re probably the most liked by others in all the Vinotypes because of your love of life and everything in it!

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