Make Buying Wine Fun Again with Vinotype

What ever happened to having fun buying wine?  So many times now when you go into a wine shop, either they don’t know much about the wines they have so they start talking in what seems like another language about all the aspects of the wine that you wonder if they know anything about wine at all! Ultimately, causing you to just walk out!

Buying wine should be fun!  It’s not like buying milk, bread, and eggs, the essentials.  Buying wine is like treating yourself to a day off.  It’s having a little bit of indulgence “just because”!

Make Buying Wine Fun Again! (About You and Your Vinotype)

You are the reason you want to try out some new wines, but where do you start?  There’s a whole new trend in the wine industry to help you find that right wine by focusing on YOU!  And even better, you don’t have to know anything about wine to do it…and it’s FUN!

Vinotyping is an analysis of a list of questions about other areas of your life that indicate what kind of wine you like.  It asks you about your coffee preferences (who doesn’t know that!), whether you like soft things, and your ability to be comfortable at varying temperatures.

These are all FUN questions that you know and can answer quickly.  When the “test” is done, you find out whether you are a Sweet, Hyper-sensitive, Sensitive, or Tolerant Vinotype which all of them have a whole list of other fun traits to see how close they all are.

Best of all from all of the funness, is at the end of it, you’ll be introduced to some great wines that you will love!  No more tasting several wines you don’t like to find the right one, we’ll know how to point you to it immediately!

Make Buying Fun Again With Your Friends

Visiting wineries in groups with friends can always increase the fun factor!  With vinotyping, you can talk about how the other ones would answer the questions or how their Vinotype really hit the mark for what it concluded!  AND, it’s even fun to look at the different personality traits for the 4 Vinotypes and pick out ones for your friends who aren’t even there!

Making Buying Wine Gifts Fun Again

Vinotype also makes it super easy to buy a bottle of wine for someone without knowing what kind of wine they like!   

Just think of their personality while looking at the different vinotypes and you’ll immediately put them in one of the 4 groups and then buy the wine that matches it!  You’ll always be right and they don’t pour the wine down the sink because you bought something they don’t like!
Vinotype is a great way to make buying wine fun again whether you’re buying it for yourself or as a gift for someone else!