Deer Creek Wines That Pair With Your Vinotype

What’s The Hype With Vinotype?

People are talking about taking a test and finding out what kind of wine they like…and more! Maybe they already knew when they come into Deer Creek Winery what kinds of wine they liked, but they didn’t know about the other personality traits our server knew about them from that very fact!

“How did you know I like mochas?” or “No, I don’t like the tags on my shirts.”

Beyond the fun we have at our winery with this new wine preference personality test, we can find the Deer Creek wines you will LOVE! Let’s learn your vinotype. (pronounced: vee-noh-tahyp

Sweet Vinotype Deer Creek Wines

Sweet wines are at the top of our list because you have the most taste buds, AND because there are a lot of you out there who love our wines. You like the sweet wines, but not syrupy sweet ones. You will love any of these wines:

sweet vinotype

Hyper-Sensitive Deer Creek Wines

You’re our super-sensitive customers who like their wines smooth and delicate, but not too sweet. You can even like the dryer wines on occasion. We have a large selection of wines for you. Start tasting in the middle of the list and then you can choose to go either sweeter by moving up on the list or dryer moving down.

hypersensitive vinotype

Sensitive Vinotype Deer Creek Wines

You can be the easiest going of all our customers, while liking the widest variety of our wines. That can make it hard to make a decision on which one to buy, so our solution is to just buy a case of varied wines! You are a great mediator with the others in your wine-tasting group and typically agree on whatever wine they happen to like.

sensitive vinotype

Tolerant Vinotype Deer Creek Wines

Overall, you are the most definitive vinotype of the wines you like. Dry wines are the only ones for you! Some definitely prefer reds over whites or vice versa, but typically it has to be dry. Sometimes you just don’t understand why anyone would like wines other than dry ones. Meanwhile, the above Vinotypes cannot understand why anyone likes dry wines! Here are the Deer Creek wines for you:

tolerant vinotype

Regardless of where you fall into the vinotype tasting guidelines, Deer Creek Winery has some wine for you.  Come in and talk with our knowledgeable team and learn what vinotype you are!