Country Mead – Deer Creek Winery’s Honey Wine

Our first Country Mead hit the shelves the spring of 2014.  Mead is derived from fermenting the sugar from honey rather than the sugar of fruits. Some also refer to mead as “honey-wine”.

History of Mead

Mead is thought to be the oldest alcoholic beverage. It is also called Ambrosia or Nectar. And some even refer to it as the “nectar of the gods” which was thought to have been deposited as dew from heaven and then the bees would gather it.  Honey was more available for those early alcoholic drinks where fruits to make traditional wines was not always available so that helped make mead more popular. The Irish are said to have the most traditional love affair with honey-wine, or mead!

Fermentation naturally happens and often uncontrolled until we started understanding the processes in 1800s so these mead concoctions were always a new surprise in ancient times!  Many folklore stem from bad second fermentation of mead throughout ancient history. Strange things can happen to people if they are drinking a fermented mead with bad bacteria in it!

Mead can also be fermented with herbs and spices for different flavors.  Queen Elizabeth is said to have her own Mead recipe that includes rosemary, bay leaves, sweet brier, and thyme.

According to Irish folklore, Mead was thought to enhance virility and fertility so it was often used as a wedding toast and the newlywed couple would drink it daily for their first month of wedded bliss!  It is also referred to as “honeymoon” wine.

Country Mead Pairings

It’s great with chicken and turkey entrees.  And as you could’ve guessed with the Irish background, it’s amazing with corned beef and a hearty Irish Stew!

Country Mead Vinotype

Country Mead is in our Sweet Vinotype category for those of you who have an exceptionally high number of taste buds you have to satisfy!  You can definitely taste the difference between the honey sweetness verses a wine sugar sweetness.

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PS. Country Mead is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!