10 Business Meeting Planning Tips

Business or corporate meetings provide a critical platform to inspire innovation and generate new great ideals.

A corporate or business event that generates excitement or interest among employees is motivational and rewarding. What is the most valuable resource for any company or small business? It’s the PEOPLE! 

A smart company president knows the product doesn’t sell itself. It is the old “you can lead a horse to water and he will not drink” concept. The employees are, in fact, what separates a successful company from the pack of so-so businesses unable to adapt to changing times to reach ambitious goals.

So how do you plan the successful event? Here are 10 steps to help you achieve a motivational rewarding event sure to inspire and recharge any employee.

  1. Identify a theme and/or type. Will it be a cocktail party, workshop, or company picnic?
  1. Set a rough budget. This will help you make good choices on what you can spend on entertainment, room rental, or invitations.
  1. Explore rental venues and vendors, and make a list. Set up appointments to view the locations, and discuss the room costs and what will be included, Find out what hours you can access the room and exactly when you must leave. Will there be any decorating you will need to do. When can you access the room to decorate? Does the venue serve food, or do you need an outside caterer? If so, can they recommend one?
  1. Begin searching for outside contractors like a caterer, if needed. Conduct an interview of the caterer and /or ask for samples. *Tip* — determine the menu and the manner in which you will be served. For example, will you have a meet and greet with cocktails and appetizers? If you have a plan for alcohol, what specifically can you have? Do you need to get an outside bartender? Can you have liquor, or is it just a wine and beer venue?
  1. After all the discovery and interviewing is done, nail down the details with the venue. Sign a contract with the venue, so you know what is expected by both parties and each duty is clearly mapped out.  
  2. Get marketing materials and decorations appropriate for the theme. These are visual motivators which carry a strong message and set the overall inspiration.
  3. Send out invitations and make use of social media. *Tip* — create a hashtag for Twitter early on in the process. It is a wonderful free marketing tool!
  1. Create a to-do list of all the details you still need to cover so you can check them off the list. Planning ahead is the most important value behind renting an event venue.
  1. What outside activities or speakers will present topics, and are they congruent to the theme you want to reach your employees with? This is where you plan the body of your message and an environment to create teamwork or inspiration. If there are games or a team golf tournament or a paint-and-sip, this is when you plan those corresponding activities into or around the venue.
  1. Check with the rental venue to see if you must carry any special liability insurance, and, if so, whom they prefer. Many commercial companies offer one-time event insurance. Also make sure you understand if the venue requires it what the limits are and if there are any state requirements. Never wait until after something happens to find out you didn’t have the proper coverage.    


These steps will help serve as a guide to help you in your path to creating a fabulous inspiring corporate or small Business meeting or seminar at a private rental venue. Good luck and good planning.

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