Backwoods Blackberry – Deer Creek Winery’s Blackberry Wine

This was named by our niece when she worked for us the first year Deer Creek Winery was open: in the summer of 2010.  She said it reminded her of the blackberries grown on Rhonda’s maternal grandfather’s family farm.  

“Backwoods” recognizes the humble country setting of our area where our wines are produced and bottled in the foothills of the Allegheny Forest, hence, Backwoods Blackberry seemed to be the perfect name!

What Does Backwoods Blackberry Taste Like?

Our 100% Blackberry wine is loved by many!  Just take a sip and you will recognize that familiar blackberry taste like the blackberry cobbler your grandma used to make when you were a kid!  

We do not use artificial coloring or flavorings so what you taste is real, authentic fermented blackberry juice.  Many other wineries will take an inexpensive red wine and add blackberry flavoring. It might taste more like blackberries at the beginning but before long you’ll get that artificial after taste and know it’s not real.  That doesn’t happen with our Backwoods Blackberry wine because ours is made from 100% blackberry juice.

We have doctors sending their patients to us to get some Backwoods Blackberry for their heart health too!


Young fruit wines, like  Backwoods Blackberry should be stored upright and consumed within 6 months of purchase.  They are not meant to sit in your wine rack and age.

Backwoods Blackberry Pairings and Recipes

This wine goes great with pork and chicken meals, and always as a dessert even though it’s not real sweet!

Mix it ⅓ lemonade to ⅔ wine for a refreshing blackberry lemonade punch!

Backwoods Blackberry Vinotype

What are Vinotypes?

This wine sits in the Sensitive Vinotype also called semi-dry.  The people who like this wine are usually very even tempered and go with the flow and often times are the negotiators to keep all parties happy, according to this Vinotype.

It is a little drier than some of our other fruit wines, but still has the nice blackberry punch of flavor!

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