A Romantic PA Winery Getaway He’ll Love Too

You’re long past due for romantic weekend with your sweetheart. But, this time, let’s treat him to the perfect trip with his passions at heart!

If you’re leaning toward a romantic PA winery getaway there’s plenty for your guy to love, too. Maybe you can stay at a quaint, rustic inn on the premises.

What’s his personality type? Is he:

  • Outdoorsy?
  • The lover of your dreams?
  • A fine wine and dining connoisseur?
  • A history buff?
  • A sports guy?

Don’t worry, we’ve broken it down for you.

The Outdoorsman

A Romantic PA Winery Getaway He’ll Love Too

You’ve probably heard the story behind his every hunting and fishing trophy a million times.

Give him what he loves. Chances are your PA winery getaway will be secluded (but still a short drive from civilization). Nearly anywhere you stay in the Keystone State, you could be a stone’s throw from a:

There are no shortage of state gamelands and waterways for him to bag that next trophy and then celebrate with you by a warm fire with a bottle of wine!

The Casanova

A Romantic PA Winery Getaway He’ll Love Too

Whether it’s been 5 years or 50, he hasn’t let the flame die out. This romantic getaway likely means you’ll be spending a lot of quality time in your room.

You could have that at any B&B, but you want a place that’s special — where you can relax together in luxurious comfort. If you’ve found the perfect winery getaway, what luck, you’ll have plenty of choice selections to rekindle the spirit!

With privacy at heart, the best B&Bs focus their service on you and perhaps just a handful of other guestrooms.



The Man of Refined Taste

A Romantic PA Winery Getaway He’ll Love Too

He’s always impressed you with his knowledge of the best full-bodied white wine to pair with salmon or dry red to go with filet mignon.

A great romantic PA winery getaway should let him:

You can also explore your vinotypes together!

The Historian

A Romantic PA Winery Getaway He’ll Love Too

“If you look over that ridge,” he says, channeling his inner tour guide, “you’ll see where the Union Army held off the Confederate advance to turn the war’s tide.”

There are several dozen B&Bs within 30 miles of Gettysburg alone. But there’s more to Pennsylvania’s history than the Civil War. A romantic winery getaway could also study:

  • Colonial America and the Founding Fathers
  • The Revolutionary War
  • The Underground Railroad
  • Native American culture
  • Amish Country
  • And more!

The Ultimate Fan

A Romantic PA Winery Getaway He’ll Love Too


He bleeds the colors of his favorite teams. Whether he’s a fan of pro, college, or even youth sports, you could find sporty getaways near Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, State College, or Williamsport.

Plan your stay at a PA inn around a Steelers or Penguins or Phillies or 76ers game — or even the Little League World Series. Enjoy the action along with him!


The PA Winery Getaway He’ll Love

There are many perks to a romantic PA winery getaway. Find something, this time, to suit his interests along the way, and you might find new reasons to fall in love with him.