5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Next Event Venue

1. Safety is Key

What could possibly happen, you say? People want to have fun and they want to participate in the event activities offered, but the rental event venue space shouldn’t be only pretty and fun.

You should consider:

  • Special care and consideration to flow of traffic
  • Is the party space well lit, with stairs accurately lighted and exits marked?

Recently, venues have had to be more accountable due to the tragic recent deaths that have occurred due to a lack of firewalls and sprinklers.

Is there evidence of care and concern for guest safety and well being? The level of care and organization of the staff should be appropriate to the event venue/activities, as well as the measure of importance the private event rental facility has focused on the well being of its guests.

Has the facility mentioned extra liability insurance? Find out if you will be responsible for getting additional liability to protect you and your organization if there is an accident. Usually, if the rental contract spells it out, the facility has addressed the need already. But to ensure compliance by asking a few important questions can save a huge headache later.

2. How Will You Collect Data and Payment from Attendees?

This is crucial for the correct flow of details to be made in a timely manner. Often times, the private rental venue will charge for the rental of a staff member to take payment at the door, for let’s say a private party like a high school reunion.

A busy private party venue space may well be booked one time slot after the other. If you are expecting a large number of attendees, you may not have a timely flow of events in your space and your event may spill over into someone else’s time. You may not be able to finish important business or get through all your speakers.

Adhere to a head count for a menu item cutoff and to ensure the caterer and the rental venue can provide adequate staffing for the best service. Also equally important to a private party venue is adequate staffing for parking, cleanup, and food service.

3. Organization is a Must For Your Private Party Rental Event

Making lists of key details and keeping it all together in one binder with pockets is a great way to organize. You may need to keep handy receipts and extra lists like wine or beer needed.

Prioritize your list and handle the big items first. The first and most important big item is to find a private event rental venue, file all the quotes from vendors and once you sign a contract keep the copy stored with your lists will save you invaluable time later. It could be an event destroyer if you follow the list and later realize you forgot to book the actual private rental space.

4. Proper Signage or Equipment is Needed

A good rental venue facility will provide:

  • Chairs
  • Place settings
  • Tablecloths
  • Audio/visual equipment
  • And more

Checking the availability is important because a popular rental venue facility may have space but limited equipment. These details are important to lock down and price. They may be a budget killer if you must purchase your own. Many venues offer discounts on package rentals also.

5. Acoustics in the Rental Venue Space

Last, but certainly important and often overlooked by many planners, is the acoustics in the rental venue space. If your private event is a business or strategic planning meeting with many important key details, or with a keynote speaker, the whole room must be able to hear.

If you’re holding a private wedding reception, it would be a tragedy if they could not hear or understand the toast to the new couple or the bride as she is thanking them for her shower gift.

Acoustics is something only the most seasoned event planners account for. This is a key piece of planning knowledge, which can make or break the effectiveness of your business rental or the lifetime memory of the wedding reception your family will have.

These five things will help make sure your event venue is perfect and runs smoothly and will help lessen the chance of your any speed bumps on the road to a great event rental! Happy planning! 

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