3 Big Things about Wine at DCW

By: Annah Burke

         We get it, keeping up with the trends can be difficult. Sometimes you find yourself stuck in the past, and often a winery in general can be hard to navigate the first time you visit. Deer Creek Winery has plenty of new and exciting things that you may not know about yet! Read about them now, so you will be a wine expert at Deer Creek or any other winery!


There are a lot of wines out there and picking one you will like often feels like a guessing game. That is where your Vinotype comes in.

The Vinotype approach is a relatively new concept focusing on your personal flavor profile rather than pairing a wine with food. Below we have the four Vinotype classifications, look through them to see which one aligns with your taste preference the best!

– Loves sweet, flavored coffee drinks.
– Hates artificial sweeteners.
– Loves salt, LOTS of it.
– Hates loud restaurants.
– Heat sensitive, very picky about the thermostat.

– Likes tea or sweetened coffee with a bit of milk.
– Dislikes artificial sweeteners but can tolerate them.
– Loves salt.
– Possesses a heightened sense of awareness or intuition.
– Loves soft towels, red wine, and chocolates.

– Likes varied, non-flavored coffee drinks or plain black coffee.
– Probably never tried an artificial sweetener.
– Likes salty snacks.
– Not easily flustered. Goes with the flow.
– Mediator who loves bringing people together.

– Likes black, unflavored coffee.
– Does not mind artificial sweeteners
– Finds most snacks too salty.
– Decisive, linear thinker
– Loves intensity. The bigger the better!
– Occasionally likes straight scotch or cognac.

Vinotyping takes the “scary” out of drinking wine. At each new winery you go to or new wine you try, you never know what to expect. The easiest way to find a great wine you know you will love is to break it down to the vinotype. At Deer Creek Winery, you can check out our yearly wine list to see what wines we offer, the vinotype category they belong to, and most importantly find a wine you will love!

Purchasing Wine

         Amid a pandemic, it is hard to figure the best way to go about now purchasing your favorite wines. Deer Creek Winery is still open for business at our flagship winery in SHippenville, Pa and our five outlet locations. At any of our wineries you can still sample wines. The Deer Creek location in Shippenville, Pa still offers live music, events, and overnight stays at our Inn B&B. 

         Can’t visit one of our stores in person? We are offering great deals like online orders for curbside or home delivery. You can also find a list of  store or restaurant locations that sell our wine.

New Releases

         Every month in 2021 at Deer Creek Winery, we are planning to release two wines. You can expect to see brand new wines for the first time like our “Celebration Time”, a sweet Niagara and vanilla wine that tastes like cake in a bottle, which was released in January. You will also see plenty of old favorites like “Starry Night”, a Dragon Fruit and sweet Aurora grape wine. Follow our Facebook pages for updates of when we will have new wines released.